Virtual Staffing

Virtual Staffing

Your assistant at our office is what describes our Virtual Assistant Service in the best way.

A Virtual assistant will help you with all the work that an assistant in your office will carry out, at almost half the price. Virtual assistants help you, not just with routine work like email drafting, making travel arrangements, scheduling meetings, but also with research, data entry, some deigning work and much more. VA will work at your preferred time and you can use the services for number of hours depending on your requirement and pay for just those hours.

Service Offerings

  • Email Drafting
  • Internet Research
  • Scheduling meetings
  • Data Entry in Online Systems
  • Setting up appointments
  • Event Planning
  • Answering calls
  • Making travel arrangements
  • Preparing presentations

Benefits with Virtual Assistants at Damco

  • Flexibility to choose the working hours
  • Flexibility to choose the number of hours of work
  • Multi-skilled professional
  • Personal with Good Communication and Interpersonal Skills
  • Proficiency in MS-Office
  • Available at half the cost of your existing assistants

While you focus on your core-activities, why don’t you try our Virtual Assistant for few days? Write to us for a free trial and we arrange meeting your needs.