Product Management

Product Management

Damco ensures efficient management of diverse product lifecycle stages – architecture, security, engineering, operations and human resources.

Research and Technology Drives Product Management

Organizations are largely dependent on the quality, business value and newness of their products for the eventual productsuccess and adoption in target market. Businesses require leading-edge technology skills and disciplined execution throughout. However increasingdesign costs,automation requirements, quality assurance budgets and rapid technology advancementsput mounting challenges in the process of delivering high quality products.Product development, implementation, testing, support and enhancement demand a strategic and agile approach considering dynamic nature of customer demands. For successful product management across its full lifecycle, it is imperative that the research and planning is complemented with deep technology skills and management expertise.

Therefore support of dependable and competent product management partner who can provide end-to-end product management services becomes immensely valuable.

Damco Product Management Services

At Damco, we recognize that product management is not only about developing products but also critical to company’s positioning and sustainable revenue growth. Damco provides end-to-end product management services to global customers covering:

  • New product development
  • Product enhancement
  • Product sustenance
  • Product testing

We help companies develop and manage high quality products which are:

  • Technologically robust
  • Secure and reliable
  • Quick and easy to deploy
  • Simple to maintain
  • Modular to alleviate further enhancements

Our product management services ensure that the products we develop are flexible enough to fulfill changing customer needs and scalable for future growth.

Damco Value Proposition: What Makes Us Stand Out

  • Our cutting-edge product management services are fostered by our dedicated practice which result in improved product quality and enhanced profitability
  • With our domain expertise, experience and product engineering capabilities, we enable you to garner valuable customer satisfaction
  • We have a creative and experienced team of engineers and consultants who are proficient in Microsoft, Java, Oracle, IBM, Open Source, Adobe, Mobility technologies and so forth to develop a competitive product that meets your business requirements.
  • Our product management services help you leverage on accelerated time to market and significant ROI for taking your business to a new level
  • Driven by our Global Delivery Model, Damco helps you gain enhanced business agility
  • Damco ensures that organizations continue to harvest value added advantages across the entire product management lifecycle