Optima Pro

Optima Pro- A Complete Field Service Solution

Business Imperatives

Today’s business is laying ample emphasis on Customer Service and the success of any business relies on how well its processes are streamlined.

Field service industry is one such business segment that is often under pressure to synchronize their tasks. They have the high-end responsibility of keeping a track of on-site service, dispatch of technicians for installations, repairs, maintenance and honoring the customer SLAs.

The complexity of their job lies in getting real time updates from the technicians, managing efficient job scheduling and giving timely service to the customers.

Solution for Field service industry

Damco meets the ever changing needs of Field Service Industry by delivering its Complete Field Service solution – Optima Pro which is built on the trusted Salesforce.com platform.

Optima Pro is your one stop field service software solution to manage warranties, contracts, field service scheduling, and spare parts inventory of your service organization while driving significant business results and transforming customer service experience.

This product has been designed with great consideration and keeping the industry standards in mind. It is a comprehensive product but is also kept flexible enough to be exclusively customized to suit your business needs.

Our one-stop field service solution enables you to:

  • Organize Service Delivery Personnel Management
  • Assess Real time Location of the field workforce
  • Check the Warranty and Service Contract entitlements so that you don’t miss out any revenue opportunities
  • Prevent Missing Periodic Maintenance Services for better product performance and less breakdowns which in return increase revenues
  • Track the right person with the right spare parts to assign Job at hand
  • Manage & Generate Complex Service Bills/Invoices and modify them in real time
  • Provide Field Service Technicians the access to the live data for view and updates anytime and anywhere
  • Track the service contracts and provide that automatic renewal provisions

Damco’s strong industry experience and Salesforce platform with its superior mobility and availability makes Optima Pro an ideal partner for your business growth. Damco Salesforce CoE has helped businesses improve workforce productivity, as they work to achieve customer satisfaction and implement technology best practices. Our team of Salesforce Experts and tech pros help businesses to leverage Salesforce to improve workforce productivity, customer satisfaction and develop powerful and scalable products faster. Learn More