Working with us is an experience of a lifetime which enables you to enjoy and cherish:

Self-Expression and Work-Life Integration

We care for people’s need for self-expression and leisure time by following the basic principle of a high quality work-life integration that beats stress, adds fun, promotes positive attitude, brings passion to work and stimulates a culture of constant innovation and creativity in adding value to the customers delight and giving fulfilling and satisfactory experience to our people.

Growth Ahead of the Curve

Our work environment offers exciting and challenging roles and responsibilities, boundless opportunities, diverse exposure and exciting experience to our people which always keep them ahead of the curve. The continuous investment in learning and development is to augment our talent and capabilities and promote entrepreneurship, encourage creativity and new ideas. We are proud of our annual performance and career review processes for not letting the excellence unrecognized thereby facilitating exciting and fast growing career graph. It’s all about of a practical commitment to looking after those who look after our business.

Collaboration and Partnership

The constant focus on collaboration and effective partnership with towards promising a healthy and collaborative team dynamics ensures an extremely stable and secure organization which is big enough to give you a level of benefits similar to the larger companies and small enough to give you a personal and friendly working environment.

Transparent, Fair and Open Work Culture

We encourage equal employment opportunity, open, transparent and frequent communications with our employees to boost trustworthy relationship. Our open door policy and regular employee satisfaction survey empowers everyone to raise their voice related to ideas, concerns and feedback about almost anything on which they want to be heard.

Testimony to Our Employee Delight

Life@Damco is energized in the relentless pursuit of the following values we firmly believes in:

  • We succeed when our business partners succeed and we grow when our people grow.
  • Great teamwork is the way to create breakthrough.
  • Reliability transforms challenges into opportunities.
  • Unparalleled operational excellence delivers business impact.