Business Imperatives

Manufacturing industry has always been driven by low cost on inventory and minimizing losses. Manufacturing industry faces challenges such as quick and effective launching of new products, fast time-to-market strategies and effective internal supply chain of raw materials while keeping losses, manpower and inventory cost to the minimum.

Some of the imperatives in front of manufacturing industry are:

  • Declining productivity across the supply chain
  • Need to move to IT automated systems to operate efficiently
  • Increasing consumer demand and less response to demand fluctuations
  • Poor visibility into supply chain operations
  • Facilitate data assimilation from varied networks

Organizations in the manufacturing sector are investing heavily in IT to turn around their mission-critical business processes and manufacturing operations and help better collaboration with suppliers, partners and customers.

Damco Comprehensive Service Offerings for the Manufacturing Industry

Damco offers the following manufacturing specific services to help the industry realize its full potential:

  • Controls and Operations Management (COM):
    • Manufacturing Intelligence (MI)
    • Manufacturing Execution System (MES)
    • Quality Management
  • Shop Floor Connectivity Services
  • Integration and EDI Services
  • ERP Implementations including Microsoft Dynamics and Oracle Apps Implementations
  • LIMS and QA Applications
  • RFID Services
  • Dealer Management
  • Risk Management

Besides, Damco also provides a whole range of other services for the manufacturing industry including:

  • Custom ERP and Workflow Applications
  • Production Planning Services
  • BI and Dashboarding Services
  • Supply Chain and Demand Management
  • Industrial Automation