Transportation and Logistics

Transportation and Logistics

Business Imperatives

Recent challenges of fluctuating fuel prices and global recessionary trends pose more risks than ever in front of organizations engaged in transportation and logistics. As a result of this, transportation and logistics companies have little control over costs and profit margins. Other complex challenges such as an expanding base of regional suppliers, global environmental concerns and compliance with regulatory mandates only add to the overall dynamism in this industry. Since this industry has a very big impact on global economy, investment in IT and infrastructure is imperative for the players in this industry to create a responsive and efficient ecosystem for its customers.

Some of the challenges in front of transportation and logistics companies are as under:

  • Create an agile IT architecture to integrate merged or acquired entities
  • Leverage new technology solutions to be more responsive, agile and efficient
  • Poor supply chain management and visibility
  • High costs of operations and low ROI
  • Pressure to adopt sustainable green technology that reduces energy use
  • Government regulations
  • Inefficient asset utilization

Damco Comprehensive Service Offerings for the Transportation and Logistics Industry

Damco offers the following differentiated services for the transportation and logistics industry:

  • Application Development and Maintenance
    • Customer Order Management
    • Customer Rate Management
    • Freight Management
    • Transportation Management
    • Trucking
    • Asset Tracking Applications
    • Asset Maintenance Tracking Applications
    • Inland Transportation Management
    • Reverse Logistics & Contract Manufacturing/Packaging
    • Container Management
    • Accounting Management
    • Document Management
  • Integration – Real-time Integrations with Third Party Applications and Customs Applications
  • Production Support and Nightly Batch Cycle Support
  • Data Porting, Migration and Mining
  • Besides, Damco also provides other services for the transportation and logistics industry across a broad range including:

    • Backend Data Processing Services – BOL Data Capture/Keying, Address Validation, Technical Helpdesk, Documentation Review/Handling
    • EDI
    • MIS Reporting
    • BI and Dashboarding
    • Enterprise Mobility
    • Business Helpdesk