Business Imperatives

In the current technology scenario, extreme uncertainty and dynamism are compelling game changing products to become commodities very fast. The independent software vendors need to be on the cutting edge of the technology so that they can embrace innovation and create business opportunities.

With the latest prevailing trends of cloud computing acting as a disruptive force, the extremely rapid adoption of mobile devices and ever increasing data sizes, ISVs are finding themselves as the front runners in spearheading this revolution that hold the potential to reshape enterprises.

Some of the challenges in front of ISVs are:

Dynamism in Technology Landscape Making It Fast Obsolete: Challenges include how to keep up with the latest shifts in technology and keep an eye on the next big change along with harnessing innovation.

New Business Opportunities: Challenges include how to create expertise from various exciting opportunities available in the technology landscape — smart phones, tablets, gaming software and cloud computing are just a few of them.

Digital Consumers: Consumers are also demanding increased flexibility and modular structuring of software costs that allow them to pick and choose the services they need.

Damco Comprehensive Service Offerings for the ISVs

Damco provides a whole range of specialized services for the ISVs including:

  • Dedicated Teams through our signature offerings Build Your Team (BYT)@Damco
  • Independent testing and verification services
  • Mobility services including mobile apps development
  • Big Data related consulting and implementation services
  • Cloud enablement and deployment services
  • Remote infrastructure management services
  • Product engineering services
  • Production support
  • BPO services including market research and competitor analysis