Travel and Hospitality

Travel and Hospitality

Business Imperatives

Travel and hospitality industry is changing very fast over the recent past and the operational environment is very complex and challenging. Companies in this business have to strive very hard to achieve customer loyalty by providing them with a superlative customer experience. Customers today demand higher levels of customer service and want customized travel experiences. There are a plethora of options for the customer to choose from and the customers can always switch to options which provide them better experience at a lower price. The advent of technology has made it extremely easy for the customers to remove any information asymmetry by shopping around themselves to get the best value through various online options.

One more trend which is coming up in this industry is that customers are looking for more socially responsible and eco-friendly options to stay. Social media has a big role to play for the companies in this industry to win and sustain customer loyalty.

Some of the challenges for travel and hospitality companies are as under:

  • Shift towards providing highly personalized services
  • Maintain customer loyalty and enhance customer retention
  • Lack of streamlined IT infrastructure
  • Maintain and deploy assets
  • Applications and processes automation
  • Invest in green technologies to reduce carbon footprints
  • Increase demand for data and system security
  • Cut costs on overall operations

Damco Comprehensive Service Offerings for the Travel and Hospitality Industry

Damco specialty services help companies impact the bottom line of business in the travel and hospitality industry. They include the following:

  • Global Distribution Systems
  • Central Reservation Systems
  • Demand Forecasting, Pricing and Promotions
  • Back Office Applications for Finance & Accounting
  • Payment and Billing Applications
  • Loyalty Management
  • Room Reservation Applications
  • Airline Ticket Reservation Applications
  • Touch Screen Kiosk Applications
    • Ticketing
    • Information
  • Self-Service Customer Portals
  • MS Dynamics Implementations

Besides, Damco also provides a broad range of other cutting edge services for the travel and hospitality industry including:

  • Inventory Applications
  • Content Management Systems
  • e-Commerce Services
  • EAI and Other Integrations
  • Enterprise Mobility
  • ERP/CRM Services
  • Sales and Marketing Management
  • Help Desk Applications