Energy and Utilities

Energy and Utilities

Business Imperatives

Energy and Utilities is a key focus area around the world. On one hand the consumers are facing higher energy prices and supply shortfalls, the government agencies are constrained with providing the required service at a lower price and maintaining the security and climate change.

Population growth and improvement in infrastructure are putting pressure on scarce energy and water resources like never before.

Facing environmental and regulatory challenges, Energy and Utilities companies must improve their financial performance, enhance customer satisfaction and rethink service delivery. Some of the challenges for energy and utilities industry in the current scenario are as under:

  • Faster exploration to production process
  • Aging IT infrastructure, need of adopting new technologies like smart grid deployment
  • Improve multichannel customer service
  • Stay compliant and manage risks
  • Added costs due to stringent regulatory policies
  • Better asset and resource management
  • Inefficiency in supply chain

Effective use of IT is strategically and tactically imperative in fast dealing with these challenges.

Damco Comprehensive Service Offerings for the Energy and Utilities Industry

In order to help energy and utilities companies deal with the industry challenges, Damco offers the following specialty services:

  • Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition Systems (SCADA)
  • Substation Automation Systems
  • Utility Services Order Fulfillment and Management Applications
  • Reporting, Analysis and Visualization Tools Integration
  • Distribution Management Systems (DMS) for Distributors
  • Energy Management Systems (EMS) for Utilities
  • Wireless Communications Systems
  • Meter Data Management Systems (MDM)
  • BI and Metering Data Analysis
  • Custom Application Development and Maintenance:
    • Oil Field Management – Production, GIS, Inventory and MIS
    • Distribution and Control Applications
    • Energy Usage and Billing Applications
    • Utility Services Order Fulfillment and Management Applications

In addition to the above, Damco also provides a slew of other world class services for the energy and utilities industry including:

  • CRM Applications
  • MS Dynamics Implementations
  • BI Services
  • Billing Systems
  • ERP Services
  • Enterprise Asset Management