Business Imperatives

The automotive industry is going through a complete transformation in the new global scenario. Increased globalization, personalization, technology orientation, safety requirements are changing the face of the industry. The automotive companies of today are faced with a scenario where they have to drive innovation and also be cost effective. Only those companies which are driving innovations and finding new ways to create value will survive and prosper in coming times.

Some of the compelling and at times, conflicting objectives in front of the automotive industry are:

  • Increased pressure for faster innovation and flexibility in development and manufacturing
  • Optimization of supply chain enabled by exchange of real-time information across dealership, customer and OEM channels
  • Effective demand forecast to improve inventory management and capacity planning
  • Improve operational efficiency thereby reducing costs related to development, materials, equipment, manufacturing operations and marketing
  • Increased personalization across geographies

Damco Comprehensive Service Offerings for the Automotive Industry

Damco offers the following specialized services to help automotive industry leverage emerging technologies effectively:

  • Dealer Search Mobile Applications (iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows, Blackberry)
  • Dealer Management and Rating Systems
  • Composite Applications
  • Warranty Management Applications
  • Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence
  • Infrastructure Support and Security
  • Enterprise Performance Management

Besides, Damco also provides other services for the automotive industry across a broad range including:

  • Custom Application Development and Management
  • Enterprise Mobility
  • Enterprise Application and Data Integration
  • MS Dynamics Implementations and Solutions
  • BI Solutions
  • Enterprise Application Modernization
  • Enterprise Portals and Content Management
  • Data Digitization