Data Processing

Data Processing Services

In a tough economy putting pressures on margins coupled with empowered end users demanding best-in-class offerings, Damco’s data processing services, help companies conform to customer’s expectations while at the same maintain profitability. To drive your business with efficient edge data processing, Damco offers the following services:

Data Entry

Damco’s suite of data entry services includes both online data entry and offline data entry either from any digitized format or a handwritten document. Damco Solutions is a melting pot of highly competent professionals who you can bank upon for accuracy and speed. Our flexible delivery models with unmatched efficiency, which help you get an edge over competitors.+Read More

Data Conversion

Data conversion is a part of the transition of any business and requires modifying the actual format of the existing data into a new usable format. Damco helps its clients to convert large volume of data to easily retrievable format. We bring to use the most advanced software across multiple platforms to carry out the data conversion process in an efficient manner.+Read More

Form and Document Processing

Every organization deal with a variety of forms, such as Invoices, Vouchers, Survey Forms, Insurance Papers, Financial and Legal Documents, Purchase Orders, Tax Statements, to list a few and at Damco we help them with streamlining and easy retrieval of forms to carry out their business smoothly. Our structured form and document processing services comes up as a way to maintain this process efficiently.+Read More

Data Cleansing and FormattingDamco help its clients by providing clean, consistent and up-to-date data. We deliver customized data cleansing and formatting services at cost-effective rates. Our team of highly skilled resources ensures accuracy in various kinds of techniques they implement. Every record is checked manually, cleaned and updated at systematic intervals. +Read More
Scanning and Indexing

It cannot be denied that a company cannot afford to lose the valuable records. However, maintaining paper records is not only a hefty task but as well take up valuable storage space In case you don’t have time or resources to preserve the data on your own, that is carry out scanning, arranging documents and indexing, you need to get in touch with experts at Damco.+Read More