Cross Platform Mobility

Cross Platform Mobile App Development

Damco’s Develop-once, Deploy-many mobile application development approach provides interoperability of mobile applications across a wide range of mobile platforms thereby immensely benefitting organizations.

Damco Cross Platform Mobility Services

Multi Platform Mobile Development

Damco develops, customizes, integrates, installs, deploys and implements mobiles applications across iPhone, Android, and Windows mobile platforms using commercial and open source mobile frameworks.

Our cross platform mobility services range from small to composite mobile applications. We have delivered successful applications in various categories e.g. News, Tools & Utilities, Travel, Shopping, Books and Education etc.

Damco has competent, knowledgeable and high-caliber resource pool of cross platform mobile developers on all major cross platform SDK and frameworks including but not limited to PhoneGap, AppAccelerator, MonoTouch, Apache Cordova, Titanium, jQuery Mobile, HTML and Sencha. The following is an indicative illustration of our capability in cross platform mobile development frameworks:

A bundle of business advantages is accrued to organizations by Damco cross platform mobility offering, such as:

  • Shortened development cycles
  • Reduced time-to-market and augmented productivity
  • Increased marketing outreach
  • Extended customer base
  • Multi-pronged customer service
  • Wide service delivery
  • Lessened training costs
  • Connected and engaged employees