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Cloud Applications Leverage the potential of cloud

Damco provides leading-edge private and hybrid cloud management solutions, helping you securely move work to the cloud and rapidly modernize and integrate applications and derive the fullest advantages that cloud technologies bring to the fore. Damco's dedicated cloud computing practice helps organizations develop and sustain competitive advantage in a fiercely competitive marketplace and maintain the high performance.

Damco's in-depth technology expertise and multifaceted domain experience can help your organization to experience a seamless cloud adoption and integration leading to sustainable growth.

damco cloud applications

With our industry-wide experience, we help you to build cloud strategy road map and work with you to develop, implement, and manage your services in a cloud environment. By integrating cloud roadmap with enterprise IT strategy and providing state-of-the-art consulting and execution on the way to the cloud, we ensure that you get the cloud leverage to the fullest.

We help plan, execute, and manage a wide spectrum of cloud computing services, including:

  • Building one's own cloud environment
  • Adopting cloud-enabled services
  • Redesigning and integrating existing applications with cloud environment
  • Executing and managing private/public/hybrid cloud models
  • Developing software/platform as a service
  • Application modernization and re-platforming

Damco's cloud computing services:

  • Ensure that cloud technologies act as a catalyst for change of your business
  • Steer clear the way out of your complex organization structure for a comprehensive cloud strategy and its robust execution
  • Make your operating model in sync with cloud deployment
  • Delimit enterprise boundaries and strengthen global footprint
  • Provide insights and sophisticated analytics
  • Reduce cost of ownership and accelerate time to market
  • Make customers and employees connected
  • Enhance user adoption and value derived from technology