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Caffe development services

Caffe Development Services

Caffe2 is the framework of choice for training large machine learning models and delivering fast and lightweight AI applications on mobile devices. As it allows processing, creating, and improving models from diverse information types – text, voice, images, or video – we have successfully used it for developing modular and scalable deep learning mobile apps. Damco’s Caffe development services facilitate organizations to deploy deep automation and scale big on insights and opportunities.

  • Quicker building of machine learning MVP app
  • Machine learning-powered cross-platform mobile apps
  • PoC on complex mathematical and statistical operations

Why employ Caffe for ML Application Development?

Caffe2 is an open-source deep learning framework maintained by the AI technology giant Facebook. Built with mobile development in focus, Caffe2 makes it easy to experiment with deep learning.

  • Expressive architecture for faster app development
  • One of the fastest convent implementations available
  • State-of-the-art framework in both code and models
  • Thriving community of developers and researchers
  • Preferred framework for automated image processing
  • Industrial applications in speech, vision, and multimedia
Caffe consulting services

Caffe Development services

We offer Caffe consulting, ML product development, and ready-to-hire Caffe developers under flexible engagement models.

Caffe Consulting

Audit of IT infrastructure and processes to assess the feasibility of Caffe development – roadmap, PoC, and governance design

Caffe Application Development

Advanced ML apps – image processing/classification, prediction applications, time series applications, OCR, etc.

Caffe Neural Network Development

Training/development of advanced neural and deep neural network apps to reduce cognitive load and transform workflows

Caffe Model Development

Hire Caffe developers for robust neural network model development that automates business processes with intelligent algorithms

Caffe Pipeline

Pipeline-based processing of the deep learning framework to reduce the amount of data sent to the cloud and enhance privacy adherence

Caffe Support and maintenance

Caffe consulting services offering SLA-driven support and maintenance to manage deep learning applications

Our Expertise in Deep Learning Model Development with Caffe

As a leading Machine Learning Development company, we have experience in multiple aspects of Caffe development.

Deep Learning
  • Object Detection
  • Speech Recognition
  • Language Translation
  • Predictive Analytics
Data Modeling
  • Neural Nets
  • Transfer Learning
  • NLP
Artificial Neural Networks (ANN)
  • Python
  • R
  • C++
Caffe Development Services with Strong IPA Portfolio
Caffe development
  • OCR and ICR

    Optical character recognition and Intelligent Character Recognition apps for accelerated digitization of paperwork.

  • Image Classification

    Image Search, Object/Face Recognition, Photo Clustering, and Motion Detection applications for healthcare, aviation, automotive, etc.

  • Voice Recognition

    Application of advanced neural networks to detect and interpret audio signals, widely used in voice assistant development.

  • Chatbot Services

    Accelerated development of chatbots through the application of deep learning, PyTorch, Keras/TensorFlow, etc.

  • Numerical Computations

    High-performance numerical computations and deep learning development for both CPU and GPU computing devices.

  • Predictive Analysis

    Solutions to real-world data science problems through linear regression, neural networks, and reinforcement learning systems.

IPA Development Success Stories

We have facilitated numerous clients to adopt AI-powered automation for incremental man-hours savings and service improvement. Our vision, proven approach, and Centre of Excellence delivery model accelerates intelligent process automation development.

Caffe consulting


Faster automobile claim settlement through intelligent image recognition of vehicle damage and AI-powered document extraction.

Caffe development


Development of AI chatbot for invoice download, mortgage calculations, loan calculations, risk profiling, etc.

Hire Caffe developers

Sales and marketing

Automated calculation and updating of CRM and scorecards to allow teams to focus on nurturing leads and improve TAT 8-10x.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I get started with Caffe Development Services?

Our IPA consultant will get in touch to understand your requirements and assess the project feasibility – current IT infrastructure, user skills, and business processes. We will offer you our project proposal along with suitable engagement models to choose from. We begin immediately after the signing of the contract.

How do I ascertain if my processes are suitable for Caffe Development?

Most of the processes that have routine operations and are repetitive can be automated. We have a detailed process for Automation Discovery Assessment where we chalk-out the IPA roadmap for feasible processes.

How much does it cost to avail of Caffe Consulting Services?

The cost of the project depends on multiple factors – project scope, technology stack, man-hours required, engagement model, business objective, depth of machine learning model, etc. Having said that, we aim to strike a balance between cost and quality for maximum satisfaction.

Can I hire Caffe developers on a full-time basis?

Yes, you can. We provide resources that are experienced in AI/ML tools like TensorFlow, Keras, PyTorch, Caffe, etc. on a full-time basis.

I want to hire Caffe developers for my ongoing project. Can you help?

Sure, we can. In cases where a different team has worked/is working on the project, our SME will understand project requirements and existing documentation to assess the scope and man-hours required. After this, we will offer suitable engagement models.

Can I hire Caffe developers for augmenting my in-house ML team?

Yes, you can. We offer team augmentation engagement where our experienced resources work along with your team and make the best out of the insource cum outsource development model.

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