What Makes Damco BYT Offering Stand Out

Value Proposition: What Makes Damco BYT Offering Stand Out

Quality Driven Organization: Damco has been assessed at ISO 9001:2000 and CMMI quality certifications.
Transparency and Collaboration: Transparency and collaboration are the driving force of our customer relationships and we foster seamless communication through email, IMs, VOIP or phones for latest status and effective co-ordination.
Seasoned IT Organisation: Damco takes pride in its 17+ years of track-record of impeccable execution of IT projects for global companies.
Time Zone Flexibility: Whatever may be your time zone, we have resources who can work in your time zone.
Global Best Practices: Based on team’s experience and expertise, Damco employs suggestive approach for customer engagement and recommends global best practices for application architecture, DB design and project management.
Technology and Domain Expertise: We have comprehensive and rigorous technology capabilities and strong domain expertise across a wide gamut of industries and segments.
Backup and Shadow Resources: Damco provisions for backup and shadow resources to help you meet any IT resource exigency.
Data Security and Confidentiality: We give most serious consideration to data security and confidentiality and have development centers with state-of-the-art communication facilities with complete data security and confidentiality
Local Contracts: Damco has registered offices in US, UK, Australia, and Luxemburg which are instrumental in helping you make and enforce local contracts with us.
Stable and Customer Focused Organization: We are a committed and reliable organization which is driven by positive customer experience and long-term customer relationships.
Technology Partnerships: Damco has technology partnerships with leading technology providers such as Microsoft, Oracle, Apple and various others reputed third party OEM companies.
Comprehensive Portfolio of
Services & Solutions:
 We offer a broad range of IT Services & Solutions such as application management including application development, enhancement, modernization, migration and testing; product engineering and product testing; IT consulting including social, cloud and big data; enterprise solutions including CRM, ERP, EAI and business intelligence; RIM services; bespoke mobile applications, enterprise mobility and mobile application testing; workforce mobility and P & C insurance solutions; and IT Enabled Services such as prepress, data processing and BPO.