What Damco BYT Does For Your Business

What Damco BYT Does For Your Business?

Damco BYT enables you to not only overcome the industry challenges and but also offers a myriad of unique advantages in the following manner to help you achieve your business objectives.

Strategic Agility: Damco BYT offering enables you get strategically fit IT resources in due alignment with your business imperatives in a hassle free manner. You can invest your time and efforts in strategic pursuits to propel your business, leaving operational, managerial and administrative functions of human resources to us.
Operational Efficiency: While opting for our BYT offering, you are always prepared to ramp up your IT projects with the availability of right number and quality of resources and have flexibility to ramp down at your sweet will. Besides, your freedom to choose the right level and right mix of resources and adopt your project methodologies and quality frameworks are always delightfully encouraged.
In-House Team Expansion: Damco BYT offering lends you a helping hand throughout your project lifecycle to extend your capabilities, skills and competencies by increasing your team strength with the right resources and enables you to reap quality, efficiency, flexibility, and high ROI.
Rigor of Quality: Our IT resources deployed on your projects place supreme focus on quality and are exposed and trained in the rigor of CMMi processes and thus produce qualitative deliverables and outcomes.
Communication: Damco BYT offering considers communication as the vital constituent of our engagement with you. We employ a slew of communication channels and regularise their frequencies to keep you abreast with the most recent statuses, issues and resolutions.
Cost Containment: By availing our BYT offering, you do not need to spend your valuable time on hiring, training, performance management and retention of IT resources. Nor you need to incur additional infrastructure and facilities costs. You can instead choose from our ready pool of skilled, knowledable, and committed resources precisely in commensurate with your business needs, priorities and drivers and can leverage our unique offshore advantages.
Transparency: Transparency is the soul of our BYT engagement and we exhibit utmost transparency from start to finish in our dealings, processes and procedures.
IP Ownership: Damco BYT offering is designed to make you own the intellectual property rights including copyrights, patent rights of source code, design as well as concept executed by our resources.