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Build Your Team (BYT) Offering

Leverage your business with Damco’s best-of-breed IT resources across technologies and domains in a flexible and transparent engagement model and reap significant competitive advantages to stay ahead of the pack.

IT Calls for Fitting and Competent Technologists

Information Technology (IT) is a strategic focus area of corporations across industries and domains and one of the core management functions to realise their business objectives and goals.

Competent and capable human resources are prerequisites for organizational success and excellence. Therefore, when it comes to the strategic IT functions of an enterprise, it is rightly posited that the efficiency and effectiveness of IT endeavours are determined by the quality and proficiency of IT resources. Meeting this prerequisite is compounded by the fact that it is hard to find good IT professionals; to find great IT professionals, it is even harder.

Complex and Varied IT Challenges Of Businesses

Today’s business enterprises operate in a progressively dynamic environment and are confronted with unprecedented challenges. Economic forces are unpredictable and hence business priorities change rapidly. In order to optimise the IT investments and successfully spearhead the IT initiatives and programs, the following challenges and issues need to be addressed:

  • Strategic mismatch
  • Cost overruns
  • Operational inefficiency
  • Technology adoption challenges
  • Lack of rigor of quality
  • Communication issues
  • Transparency challenges
  • IP ownership issues

Challenges of In-House Team Expansion

Businesses are finding themselves grappling with the challenges of in-house IT team expansion. Whilst expanding their in-house IT teams, companies experience low availability of required skill sets coupled with increased costs and inflation, they are also faced with improper utilization of resources which are further aggravated with critical HR issues such as recruitment, separation, and performance management. IT resources trainings and skills upgrade require a good deal of investment which also happen to be additional pain areas. These manifold challenges are diluting the focus of the companies that should be placed upon their core business functions.

Damco Build Your Team (BYT) Offering

Damco Build Your Team (BYT) offering enables you to get world-class, best-of-breed and highly skilled IT personnel—just when and where you need them– across an amazingly wide range of technologies and domains to help you form and strengthen your team in order to remain flourishing and competitive in the marketplace.

Driven by our deep expertise and profound experience, Damco BYT offering lends you unique advantages and value propositions whether you need to extend your IT capabilities or acquire specialized IT skills to develop, manage, enhance and support your mission critical applications.

Our Enablers of Excellence

Damco BYT offering is governed by its sharp focus on “understanding the customer’s needs and priorities in minutest details” and providing “right IT resources at right time”. We employ rigorous evaluation process to hire the right candidate, train them comprehensively and expose them to cutting-edge technologies, thereby making them world-class and really true assets for the organization.

Cost efficiency, flexibility, transparency, constant communication and customer satisfaction are the hallmarks of Damco BYT engagement.

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